Chef in your Ear

'Chef in your Ear' is a fresh international format which features the best and the brightest chefs in a battle of the ultimate kitchen competition: who can prepare the best dish—by remote control? Standing between victory and defeat are some of the worst cooks possible, chosen for their total ineptitude in the kitchen—but they do all the cooking. For the chefs, who are used to complete control over their food, this is a total nightmare. Using an earpiece and watching on a monitor, they must talk the cooks step by step through everything. With surprise ingredients and a time limit, those doing the cooking are caught like deer in the headlights, desperate to get something right in the kitchen for the first time. For the chefs, everything is being tested…skills, organization, creativity, communication and patience. Their pride and reputation, everything that they’ve worked for, are on the line. When time is up, a respected restaurateur will judge the results, and the winning chef will get to name their stakes—from peeling spuds to washing floors—and the loser will have to oblige.